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Porfolio pictures of past and present Homes.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Polo Home (Dining Room)

So after a quick detour to do the master bedroom and en suite I moved back onto the main floor and tackled the dining room.

The drapes were a little on the heavy looking side and the light fixture dated the room.

Not really as much of a drastic changed needed in this room, just a little decluttering, a neutral paint colour and some updated light fittings.

The room looks lighter and fresher with the colour scheme and without the heavy valance.
I am looking for a table runner to complete the look.

I love the silver light fixture and how it compliments the picture and the new curtain pole.

The small unit at the back of the room changed sides and I have added a gorgeous new lamp.
I am very pleased how this room looks now and am now going to move on to the adjoining living room.

Polo Home (en suite)

Next on the list after the Master bedroom was the en suite.
As we are decorating to sell the flowery country style was going to have to go.


This room just needed some spa like accessories to freshen it up, a new shower pole, new curtain rings and waffle texture shower curtain.

I spray painted the existing wicker shelf and added some candles and folded towels.
I decluttered the counter top and purchased beautiful bamboo bathroom accessories.

To finish off some matching waffle texture towels and a fabric print art piece which brings in the colours from the bedroom.

Polo Home (Master Bedroom)

My clients were going away for a few weeks and had been living through the decorating so far. I knew this would be the ideal time to tackle the master bedroom.
Plus I was excited to think that when they came back it would be a nice surprise!

The wallpaper border and swag over the window was just not cutting it anymore, it was time for a change.

I also was looking forward to giving them so beautiful bed linen and changing the two large pieces of furniture around. It's a big room but was a little dark due to the colour and the chest of drawers in front of the window.
I decided to go with this beautiful light reflecting colour, it's called white Satin by Benjamin Moore (As you can see it's actually a light blue colour).

The bed linen was ordered and made within a week in this gorgeous cream colour with beautiful detailing. The lamps are to die for, they are modern yet elegant.
I opted for pull down blinds and sheer curtains for the window treatments.

The contemporary artwork balances out the rest of the traditional decor.

Another gorgeous lamp on top of the chest of drawers and this great mirror was a find in another bedroom and was sprayed silver.
My clients love the room, in fact they thought it was so nice they could not even sleep in it the first night as they didn't want to make it a mess!
I love that they love it, because I love the way the room turned out too!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polo Home (Family Room)

The family room looks out onto the sun room that I had just painted. This room was also in need of some updating, decluttering and some TLC!

This room had a lot of stuff. I worked hard with this couple to declutter.

The back of the room.

Looking to the side where you go into the sunroom.

More stuff!
I decided that we need to change the colour to brighten the room up and it needed some better and more elegant lighting.
The book shelves are now painted and staged and makes the room look less heavy.

(There is currently an electric fire in front of the wood burning fire which will be removed when the house goes on the market in the spring).

The back of the room has also been decluttered. Tea cups and glassware are now displayed.
The sofa has been removed from the back of the room to the side.

A contemporary striped rug in a choc brown, wheat and blue colours was the jumping off point for this room. The wheat colour was added to the wall, the choc brown ties in with the sofa's and the blue is a great colour for the cushions and decorative objects.

The blinds have gone and blue faux silk drapes with wheat striped coloured sheers now adorn the windows.

The sofa and chair above have been given a new lease of life with the co-ordinating soft furnishings.
I love how this room came together and there is nothing like your clients phoning you up saying "I can't believe it, I feel like I have a room from a magazine!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Polo Home (Sun Room)

This is a home I am currently working on, this room shows some pretty drastic changes in the before and after shots!
It was a dark room but had lots of potential.
It also ended up gathering clutter, so I emptied it out and set to work.

This whole room was painted with a brush only, sadly I could not use a roller on it!
Luckily I am working with a handy homeowner who added some paneling to cover the corrugated green plastic.

Wow what a change, bright airy and begging to be used for a morning coffee and a read of your favourite book!

I used the original table and added some inexpensive wicker chairs. The fabric was a find in their linen closet. Perfect for adding that beach type feel so I used it and made some cushions.

I re-purposed this wicker sofa from the hallway, added a slip cover, throw and some cushions. I also got a great end of season bargain find with beautiful pale blue garden stool.

Accents like the jars and shells complete the space and add that fresh breezy beach feel!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Basement)

I wanted to share the last renovation I did on this home, this being the main basement room.
I have tried to find some pictures of what it first looked like but could not find any. The walls were white and there was a thin industrial green carpet on the floor.

It was turned into a bar for many years so lived it's life in darker colours.
Now we see it coming out as a family and gathering area but in a lighter more relaxed way.
The design and colours have been influenced from some basement rooms that Candice Olson had completed.

The wall going down the stairs now holds a couple of cool art pieces.

The three pictures above show the one end of the room which is the TV/media area for relaxing on the sofa's and watching your favourite movie.

The back of the room holds a high bar table and 4 stools and then to the side a work surface for drinks and nibbles!

The colour scheme for this basement is a creamy yellow on the walls with an accent white/lavender wall which house this great display of lights. (The inspiration for this came from a funky Indian restaurant on the West Island of Montreal).

The carpeting is a beautiful thick silver grey carpet, plus don't skimp on the under pad essential if you are doing carpeting in a basement!

To compliment the creamy yellow walls are blue accents in vases and bowls and to finish it off cool vinyl silver grey wall decals in a "perles de Lune" pattern.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Master Bedroom)

Master Bedroom

When we moved in the bedroom was in a fetching dark green with pink ruffled curtains and grey carpet..a very 80's combination!
For the first few years the bedroom was a beautiful cream colour with cream carpet.
(this was pre kids)!

Just recently a textured biscuit colour carpet was added. A textured carpet looks best to cover large areas.

What were used as bedside storage in the cream coloured bedroom is now still used as storage but also a seating area. Striped cushions are added that pick up all the colours in the room.
Mirrored accessories compliment the mirror bedside tables.

The tables were made by myself with some help from a carpenter. The base is a wooden box stained in chocolate brown and topped with mirrors that I purchased. I then stained some trim and glued it around the side of the mirror.

Two large boards were covered with cushioned batting and then upholstered in a fake silk in a chocolate brown colour. This gives a tall headboard look and achieves the boutique modern chic hotel bedroom look I was after.

The curtains are striped also like the cushions and also pick up the colours in the room.
The floor lamp matches the two bedside lamps.

I adore this huge mirror in choc brown, I added a chocolate brown box which stores extra cushions and blankets.
I had a contractor build a fake fireplace chimney breast in the room as the room had no focal point. I filled it with logs.

These mirrored accessories are gorgeous and add a hint of luxury.
The colour scheme for this room is Light blue, silver grey and accessories in choc brown.
All the paint was from Benjamin Moore.

Woodcroft Home (Living Room and Dining Room)

Living Room and Dining Room
This is the view from the stairs into the living room/Dining Room when we were firts viewing the house. The walls were all dark blue in this room.

Like the family room, the first reincarnation of this room was white with red accent walls.
The wall is huge as this room has the beautiful cathedral ceiling.

This is the second reincarnation of the room which I have just finished, the red was covered with the same colour as in the family room (as it is open concept) downstairs.
I still had red accessories (like the huge round rug in the living room side) and wanted to tie them into the new wall colour. I did this by the custom 3 part canvas you see in the living room. I also purchased some great artwork and framed these in a group of nine by the dining table. This artwork photo arrangement seems to be a huge style trend I keep seeing the magazines and I love the look.

The last parts were the great lamp on the small small table in the living room and this fabulous chandelier I saw in a local hardware store.

Here is a close up of the artwork. This was featured on the Scoutie girl design website where I first saw the artwork featured.

Here's a view looking down from the staircase.

I love the look of the dining table and the arrangement of pictures.

A close up of the chandelier, it did come with shades but it looks a lot better without them.

I love finishing touches like this, the cream of the fabric of the chairs on the napkins with the red accent of the napkin rings on a silver tray which matches the chandelier.
This room proves that you can easily mix modern and classic styles together for a great look, it's a fabulous entertaining space.