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Monday, August 24, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Master Bedroom)

Master Bedroom

When we moved in the bedroom was in a fetching dark green with pink ruffled curtains and grey carpet..a very 80's combination!
For the first few years the bedroom was a beautiful cream colour with cream carpet.
(this was pre kids)!

Just recently a textured biscuit colour carpet was added. A textured carpet looks best to cover large areas.

What were used as bedside storage in the cream coloured bedroom is now still used as storage but also a seating area. Striped cushions are added that pick up all the colours in the room.
Mirrored accessories compliment the mirror bedside tables.

The tables were made by myself with some help from a carpenter. The base is a wooden box stained in chocolate brown and topped with mirrors that I purchased. I then stained some trim and glued it around the side of the mirror.

Two large boards were covered with cushioned batting and then upholstered in a fake silk in a chocolate brown colour. This gives a tall headboard look and achieves the boutique modern chic hotel bedroom look I was after.

The curtains are striped also like the cushions and also pick up the colours in the room.
The floor lamp matches the two bedside lamps.

I adore this huge mirror in choc brown, I added a chocolate brown box which stores extra cushions and blankets.
I had a contractor build a fake fireplace chimney breast in the room as the room had no focal point. I filled it with logs.

These mirrored accessories are gorgeous and add a hint of luxury.
The colour scheme for this room is Light blue, silver grey and accessories in choc brown.
All the paint was from Benjamin Moore.

Woodcroft Home (Living Room and Dining Room)

Living Room and Dining Room
This is the view from the stairs into the living room/Dining Room when we were firts viewing the house. The walls were all dark blue in this room.

Like the family room, the first reincarnation of this room was white with red accent walls.
The wall is huge as this room has the beautiful cathedral ceiling.

This is the second reincarnation of the room which I have just finished, the red was covered with the same colour as in the family room (as it is open concept) downstairs.
I still had red accessories (like the huge round rug in the living room side) and wanted to tie them into the new wall colour. I did this by the custom 3 part canvas you see in the living room. I also purchased some great artwork and framed these in a group of nine by the dining table. This artwork photo arrangement seems to be a huge style trend I keep seeing the magazines and I love the look.

The last parts were the great lamp on the small small table in the living room and this fabulous chandelier I saw in a local hardware store.

Here is a close up of the artwork. This was featured on the Scoutie girl design website where I first saw the artwork featured.

Here's a view looking down from the staircase.

I love the look of the dining table and the arrangement of pictures.

A close up of the chandelier, it did come with shades but it looks a lot better without them.

I love finishing touches like this, the cream of the fabric of the chairs on the napkins with the red accent of the napkin rings on a silver tray which matches the chandelier.
This room proves that you can easily mix modern and classic styles together for a great look, it's a fabulous entertaining space.

Woodcroft Home (Family Room)

Family Room

This is basically what we started with, the picture is taken at the beginning of the renovation.
The fireplace mantle was removed because we had other plans to recover the whole fireplace from an idea I had seen in a magazine.
A shelf was built at the back for a workstation or to house TV equipment like receiver, amplifiers etc.
This is the finished product, this is actually the second reincarnation of the room. It was first decorated in red back in 2002 and now redecorated in a more neutral colour which reflects the current design style trends we see.
It's a mocha colour on the accent wall which is actually called Great Plains from Benjamin Moore.
In the front right hand side of the picture is a four place dining table which matches the coffee/cocktail table you see on the rug. This dining table is great for every day eating and is placed next to the open plan kitchen.
This room was featured on Design Hole due to the very original idea that we used on the fireplace.

On the back wall is a workstation and two shelves above for decorative objects. The canvas is an original which I made about 6 months ago.

Here's a close look of the feature wall and the fireplace, I added a low shelving unit on the other side of the fireplace to tie the room in as before it looked like wasted space. It now houses blankets, a low cool 2 piece curved vase and a lamp which is much need in this room as it lacks a lot of natural light. The fireplace is 2 sheets of polished gridplate.

I added more white ceramic accessories in the room to tie all the colours in. Like the lamp the two curved vases and a tall beautifully designed vase on the workplace station.

Finally here's a close up of the upstairs workstation. The house does already have a functional home office in the basement but it was great to add a laptop in the family room so there was Internet access upstairs on the main floor as well.

I love the feel of the room it's grown up, cosy and yet kid friendly!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Four season sun room)

Four season sun room into spa room

This work was done with working with a contractor who removed a section of the floor.
A concrete base was laid.

The next part is getting your hot tub/spa into the house. The front doors and patio doors had to be removed and the tub was rolled through the house.
Then you need lots of strong friends to lower the tub in!
The carpet was then glued on top of the board as the floor would be getting wet at times.

As for decorating the room..this was my inspiration.
This birdcage was found close to my home and destined for the dump, it was cleaned up and re-sprayed.
It's beautifully handmade and birdcages are huge in design at the moment.
Lots of other inspiration came from the July "Style at Home magazine" and August's "Canadian House and Home magazine".

With some help I added this storage bench which was needed to store the outdoor patio cushions. A foam covered top was added to make a great relaxing daybed looking corner.
The plain beige fabric and the beautiful bird print fabric were both purchased from Ikea.

The same bird print fabric was used to give a new lease of life to existing seating cushions on the wicker furniture.

This rustic/seaside mobile was given as a great DIY idea in the House and Home magazine, I had lots of fun doing this and it add to the theme of the room.

More storage was needed, the top two shelves are hand made by using a jigsaw to cut a wavy pattern and then painted.
Then a standard Ikea shelving unit was white washed and beautiful baskets added for storage.

To finish off accessories like sand and shells were added in bowls to give the final touch.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Custom Canvas's

Here are some of the custom canvas's I have created.

Here's the Damask with background stripes as a taster.

Let me know what you would like and I can recreate it for you.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Renovation Tax Credit

Don't forget that you can claim the following in the new HRTC.

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom.
New carpet or Hardwood.
Building an addition, fence, deck or wall.
New furnace or water heater, air con.
Painting the interior and exterior.
Laying new sod.
Labour costs.
Professional fees.
Building materials.
Equipment rentals.
Solar panels.
Re-shingling a roof.
Permanent swimming pools and new liners.
Hot tubs.

There is no better time to renovate than now..see the HRTC website for more details.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am excited to be finally able to follow my passion for working in home design.
I will be posting some of my portfolio shortly of work I have done.

Thank you for visiting my site, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to meet you to discuss your needs.

All the best,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About Me


I am excited to be finally able to follow my passion for working in home design.

I have a portfolio of work, see the sidebar for the houses and rooms completed.

As of September 2010, I am pleased to welcome Mike Illes who will be the renovations side of the company.
Spaces to love now offers a full range of residential renovations services plus painting, staging advice and design and colour advice.

Thank you for visiting my site, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to meet you to discuss your needs.

All the best,