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Monday, August 24, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Family Room)

Family Room

This is basically what we started with, the picture is taken at the beginning of the renovation.
The fireplace mantle was removed because we had other plans to recover the whole fireplace from an idea I had seen in a magazine.
A shelf was built at the back for a workstation or to house TV equipment like receiver, amplifiers etc.
This is the finished product, this is actually the second reincarnation of the room. It was first decorated in red back in 2002 and now redecorated in a more neutral colour which reflects the current design style trends we see.
It's a mocha colour on the accent wall which is actually called Great Plains from Benjamin Moore.
In the front right hand side of the picture is a four place dining table which matches the coffee/cocktail table you see on the rug. This dining table is great for every day eating and is placed next to the open plan kitchen.
This room was featured on Design Hole due to the very original idea that we used on the fireplace.

On the back wall is a workstation and two shelves above for decorative objects. The canvas is an original which I made about 6 months ago.

Here's a close look of the feature wall and the fireplace, I added a low shelving unit on the other side of the fireplace to tie the room in as before it looked like wasted space. It now houses blankets, a low cool 2 piece curved vase and a lamp which is much need in this room as it lacks a lot of natural light. The fireplace is 2 sheets of polished gridplate.

I added more white ceramic accessories in the room to tie all the colours in. Like the lamp the two curved vases and a tall beautifully designed vase on the workplace station.

Finally here's a close up of the upstairs workstation. The house does already have a functional home office in the basement but it was great to add a laptop in the family room so there was Internet access upstairs on the main floor as well.

I love the feel of the room it's grown up, cosy and yet kid friendly!

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