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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cool Suff! Chest of drawers makeover

Okay, now for something really good!
Take one set of second hand Ikea chest of drawers.
They are in good shape but the colour of the drawers did not match my colour scheme for the room.

Next purchase one roll of white contact paper (cost around $4.00) and one set of vinyl decals (cost around ($25.00).

Cover the drawers in the contact paper.
Then using your artistic talents pick out some attractive parts of the decal set and stick to the drawers. Et voila, one set of custom beautiful drawers for a great makeover price of $30!!

I just love it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Boise home ( Bedroom 1)

The second request for this home was for the main bedroom to be decorated.
It was time for the pink and green to go and for some more neutral and serene colours to be used.

An accent taupe colour used on the wall behind the bed cream on the other three walls were used to achieve this more calming look. It brightens the room and gives it a larger airy feel.

Some beautiful sheer curtains that matched both the wall colours was added.

The owner found this bed spread which had both the taupe and cream colours with a hit of a blue/green. (artwork chosen by homeowner).

Matching accessories were found to pick up on the accent wall colour.

Finally a splurge was made on this gorgeous blind by trans UV, a trim and pull and valance in a slighter darker colour were added to complete the look.
These blinds came be ordered at Serenity decor.

Boise Home (Sun room)

This home and these homeowners were wonderful to work with.
The sun room was first on the list for a update, the foam in the seating was poor quality on this sofa set and the brown material was tired.

I went to my favourite place for fabrics (Serenity decor), Terri and Aggie have a wide range of fabrics and I fell in love with a gorgeous bright retro range they have.

The seating fabric is a wonderful green with an off white print of shells and I chose a geometric pattern that combined the green, cream and added a hit of pink. I also had Terri find me a plain pink that I could add to the mix.
The foam inside was changed for a good quality foam so no more sagging!
I love the way this room turned out, it's so bright and cheerful and matches perfectly with the homeowners taste.

Polo Home (Entrance and Hall)

The Hallway was the last job in this home, it needed some updated and a little de-cluttering.

As you can see below I removed the border and a lot of the small pictures and a fresh bright cream colour was added to the walls.

The lighting (not shown in the original photograph) were dated smoked glass fixtures I changed these for a brushed nickel finish lighting fixtures.

A small table was added to the entrance and a silver tray where you can drop your change, car keys and sunglasses. Then you always know where to find them!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yearling Home (Powder room)

An 80's powder room gets a small makeover.

The diamond shaped mirror and excessive lighting had to go.


In it's place a smart bevelled black framed mirror and classic lighting.

Some beautiful accessories just added to the cream and black theme nicely. Just a small cost in accessories really changed the look of this room.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yearling Home (Home office)

The home office was feeling a little unloved and I wanted to give this bachelor homeowner something masculine, sexy and up to date.
I knew the first thing to go would be the dark green walls and the wall lighting.

I painted the back wall as an accent wall in a stone colour and the three other walls in a very chalky white cream colour which was similar to the rug.

This shag rug is fun and contemporary and adds some texture to the room.
A silver drapery pool and black grapes were added to replace the verdigris ivy pole that was there before.

I liked how just by some simple updates we did not have to run to the expense of changing all the office furniture.

An extra chair was added to the corner and this cool sexy side table (which I love!)
The black and silver accents add that fabulous masculine touch.

Black and white photo's add interest to the wall.

This clock was a bargain find and perfect for the opposite wall above the fish tank.
The room turned out perfectly how I imagined it to be and the homeowner is very happy.

Yearling Home (Dining Room)

This is a beautiful home and mostly just needed a few finishing touches. The dining room has an elegant large dining table and cabinet.
I decided to paint the crown moulding and baseboards to white form the cream colour they were originally painted to add a little definition.

After the painting all it needed were some accessories to bring this unused room to looking like the elegant dining room it deserved to be.

New drapes and a new pole were added to replace the outdated valance.
Hurricane vases, a display of candle sticks and a beautiful simple place settings on silver charger plates now adorn the table.

The unused cabinet now holds modern and traditional accessories in white, silver and black.
Making the cabinet show it's true potential.

This dining room is now ready to host a dinner at a moments notice!

Polo Home (Living room)

The living room is directly off the entrance hall and the first room you see when you come in.
The lavender blue colour was making it a little cold and the room was ready for a change.

I choose a colour that was similar to the fabric colour of the sofa's.
I also decided to change the layout of a room so the seating was together which would be better for conversation and hosting guests.
The lavender accents in the pictures, flowers and drapery are now a perfect accent.
A new rug now grounds this space and is more appropriately sized for the area.

The wall cabinet moved to the front of the room is now decluttered and holds crystal ware perfect for those pre-dinner drinks!

Polo Home (Kitchen)

This kitchen is the heart of this home, the wallpaper and wallpaper border needed to go to update this space along with some decluttering.

Luckily the homeowners were also ready to invest in some new appliances as well as the stove had really had it's day.

After removing the wallpaper the walls needed some plastering work as it seems as though the walls were not properly primed before the paper was applied.
This done we were ready for a fresh new coat of paint.

The fridge decluttered, new linoleum, new window treatment and new task lighting above the sink really brightens and updates the space.

A simple kitchen table and chairs in a similar finish to the cabinets replaces the old set and a new and updated piece of furniture for the TV which was also new.

New lighting fitting the rectangular table was added, this gives the space a more updated look.

The homeowner wanted a chair rail, so a simple white moulding was added to the wall.
Fresh new paintings add a little colour and interest.

Just by decluttering and freshening up the space gives this kitchen a new lease of life without the expense of changing the cabinetry.