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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yearling Home (Home office)

The home office was feeling a little unloved and I wanted to give this bachelor homeowner something masculine, sexy and up to date.
I knew the first thing to go would be the dark green walls and the wall lighting.

I painted the back wall as an accent wall in a stone colour and the three other walls in a very chalky white cream colour which was similar to the rug.

This shag rug is fun and contemporary and adds some texture to the room.
A silver drapery pool and black grapes were added to replace the verdigris ivy pole that was there before.

I liked how just by some simple updates we did not have to run to the expense of changing all the office furniture.

An extra chair was added to the corner and this cool sexy side table (which I love!)
The black and silver accents add that fabulous masculine touch.

Black and white photo's add interest to the wall.

This clock was a bargain find and perfect for the opposite wall above the fish tank.
The room turned out perfectly how I imagined it to be and the homeowner is very happy.

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