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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Woodcroft Home (Four season sun room)

Four season sun room into spa room

This work was done with working with a contractor who removed a section of the floor.
A concrete base was laid.

The next part is getting your hot tub/spa into the house. The front doors and patio doors had to be removed and the tub was rolled through the house.
Then you need lots of strong friends to lower the tub in!
The carpet was then glued on top of the board as the floor would be getting wet at times.

As for decorating the room..this was my inspiration.
This birdcage was found close to my home and destined for the dump, it was cleaned up and re-sprayed.
It's beautifully handmade and birdcages are huge in design at the moment.
Lots of other inspiration came from the July "Style at Home magazine" and August's "Canadian House and Home magazine".

With some help I added this storage bench which was needed to store the outdoor patio cushions. A foam covered top was added to make a great relaxing daybed looking corner.
The plain beige fabric and the beautiful bird print fabric were both purchased from Ikea.

The same bird print fabric was used to give a new lease of life to existing seating cushions on the wicker furniture.

This rustic/seaside mobile was given as a great DIY idea in the House and Home magazine, I had lots of fun doing this and it add to the theme of the room.

More storage was needed, the top two shelves are hand made by using a jigsaw to cut a wavy pattern and then painted.
Then a standard Ikea shelving unit was white washed and beautiful baskets added for storage.

To finish off accessories like sand and shells were added in bowls to give the final touch.

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