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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polo Home (Family Room)

The family room looks out onto the sun room that I had just painted. This room was also in need of some updating, decluttering and some TLC!

This room had a lot of stuff. I worked hard with this couple to declutter.

The back of the room.

Looking to the side where you go into the sunroom.

More stuff!
I decided that we need to change the colour to brighten the room up and it needed some better and more elegant lighting.
The book shelves are now painted and staged and makes the room look less heavy.

(There is currently an electric fire in front of the wood burning fire which will be removed when the house goes on the market in the spring).

The back of the room has also been decluttered. Tea cups and glassware are now displayed.
The sofa has been removed from the back of the room to the side.

A contemporary striped rug in a choc brown, wheat and blue colours was the jumping off point for this room. The wheat colour was added to the wall, the choc brown ties in with the sofa's and the blue is a great colour for the cushions and decorative objects.

The blinds have gone and blue faux silk drapes with wheat striped coloured sheers now adorn the windows.

The sofa and chair above have been given a new lease of life with the co-ordinating soft furnishings.
I love how this room came together and there is nothing like your clients phoning you up saying "I can't believe it, I feel like I have a room from a magazine!"

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